The Team

Our team is composed of a host of creative professionals: journalists, video editors,  photographers specialized in content marketing  and creative consultants who work closely with our sister agency Proximity Agency.


Our content is made to deliver added value to your consumers, create a solid tie between them and your brand, and incite them to interact with your products. And as Google makes part of your audience (your first reader and viewer..), we also adapt your content for searches and optimize its SEO component, which is a key element in our strategy.

« Elodie Morel »

Journalist, founder of Social Aim. Creator of and Between Paris and Beirut

« Ziad Barazi »

Film Director. Natural born storyteller. Ziad imagines and creates stories on all types of screens, for TVCs or for movies.

« Mohamad Chreyteh »

Video producer. Mohamad brings to the visual realm, concepts and stories through film making and visual storytelling.

« Andrew Codd »

Editor and SEO specialist. Andrew can get Google to notice and highly rank your editorial content. 

« Emmanuel Villin »

A former journalist in Middle East, Emmanuel is an editor and author who’s in love with Beyrouth

« Vanessa Spriet »

Storyteller and singer who’s in charge of communications. Vanessa loves telling stories and through the magic of words and images, takes you on a wonderland trip

« Nael Boustany »

Art director. Nael creates visual worlds to share lendlessly over your social media channels 

« Proximity Agency »

Digital Agency. Creates state of the art blogs, websites and mobile applications to diffuse your content.